miércoles, 18 de septiembre de 2013

Costa Rica Surf Camp

Surfing will undoubtedly be for you then, with the aid of Dylan Park, the leader of this surf camp will take you there. This surf camp is ready for people of all ages and skill levels.. At times you'll find that Costa Rica has a great variety of surfing spots ranging from beginner to professional levels or surfing, this is fairly good for any surfer lover because he can surf in different styles whenever he wishes.

 Dominical is the location of our surf camp, now, Dominical I'd say it's an intermediate surfing level, this is nothing but beneficial for all, for beginner surfers for example it forces them that one additional mile to learn fast enough without the risk of an professional zone.

Some original qualities are what build Costa Rica Surf, firstly, Dominical, its location, is very safe and smooth for surfers of all age and skill levels, so you can stop stressing about that for a while. Then, the temperature of the environment combined with the temperature of the ocean makes it perfect for not using any protection gear like in other countries. Another good thing about it is that its opened all year round, no seasonal changes.

Costa Rica Surf Camp is located in Dominical, which actions like a hub for plenty of other activities that you would want to embark on, from zip-lining to kayaking, Dominical has it all, so it's not just about surfing, it's about exploring everything.

An exceptional experience is precisely what surfing is all about, it's definitely not merely a sport, it's about enjoying what you are doing while you connect with the ocean, the sport side of it shouldn't be considered as much as how much you are enjoying what you are doing.

Learn more about this amazing opportunity to embark yourself in a life changing experience, head over to Costa Rica Surf Camp for a lot more info.